The compound is in considerable use as a catalyst.

In the field of organic chemistry the combustion reactions are of great utility.

Some of these solutions are commonly (or widely, or extensively) used, others are used very infrequently.

Extensive use is made of electric cables manufactured by ...

Carbon steel is extensively (or heavily) used (or enjoys wide use) in ...

Because of the widespread availability of ac power, ac motors are in common use.

This indicator is in general use.

Hard chrome plating is used extensively (or has found wide use) in engine repair work.

There are other abrasive materials whose use is widespread.

Ample (or Great, or Much) use is made of the laboratories at the mine.

There is wide use of Type 347 stainless steel.

Glass wool is widely used (or employed) as a filtering material.

The hack watch has a wide use in navigation.

Miniature cameras are much used (or are in wide use).

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