. создавать волну; создаваться

The repulsion between two electrons comes about from the exchange of photons.

An earthquake is generated (or develops, or occurs) when two blocks ...

The potential appearing across the output terminal is ...

These forces arise from the displacement of the aileron.

The methylamines are widely distributed in nature where they arise probably as the result of decomposition of ...

The strains that are brought about in steel during the hardening process ...

Planets may come into being (or existence, or may result) when small planetesimals fall together.

Above 1000°F another process is coming into play.

The pipe developed a leak (в трубе возникла течь).

Under such conditions, it is possible that a crack may develop in a furnace.

All tools develop (во всех инструментах возникают) residual internal stresses.

Under these conditions a bias will be developed because of the flow of electrons from grid to ground.

If a leak occurs ...

Problems invariably occur which call for ...

When life first originated ...

A wave originating at point can reach any of the several detectors.

No known meteorites seem to have originated on the Moon.

A model of this type can be changed many times during the construction as new problems present themselves.

The temperature at which the disorder sets in is a function of ...

Chemistry grew out of the black magic of the dark ages and the alchemy of the middle ages.

New methods for seeking out genetic loci are emerging.

This definition came about because it simplified the study of control systems.

A dispute which ensued between the two groups ...

These forces are generated in the earth's interior.

Shear is produced in columns by () variation in ...

. появляться

Ultimately, a molecule similar to modern catalase came into existence.

Brain tumours are not likely to arise from a mature neuron.

Planets may result [or come into being (or existence)] when small planetesimals fall together.

As a result there occurs what is known as the Cerenkov effect.

These craters date back to a period of ...

Planets may evolve into existence when ...

Interest in developing ... goes back to the 1950s.

. в связи с этим возникает вопрос

Such forces occur when ...

In our galaxy, supernovae occur once every 30 years or so.

A complication has cropped up.

Three questions might come to mind about the properties of ...

исчезать, заглушаться, затухать, изживаться, кончаться, завершаться, прятаться, рушиться, скрываться, теряться, утаиваться, переводиться, исчезать, кончаться, переводиться, прятаться, теряться, утаиваться, изживаться, затухать, заглушаться, завершаться, рушиться, скрываться

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