Русско-английский научно-технический словарь


. кроме; сверх

There are a number of sizeable satellites apart from the Moon that are large enough to ...

One of the disadvantages in the use of this oxidizer, apart from its hydroscopic nature, is the crystal phase change which occurs at 32°C.

This indicator offers many outstanding features aside (or apart) from (or besides) the great sensitivity.

The resonator has the trivial resonance F=0 in addition to the usual free-free resonances.

Impact resistance is dependent on a number of factors other than enamel formulation.

. за исключением; не включая

Except for (or Aside from, or With the exception of) the bubbling caps, the plant was constructed entirely of carbon steel.

The total cost of the construction, exclusive of material costs, would be ...

The capital cost of the conversion, over and above the cost of the control equipment, may be considerable.

This magnetic amplifier has no moving parts other than relays.

без, без участия, вдобавок, вне, выключая, за вычетом, за исключением, исключая, кроме, мимо, минуя, не беря в расчет, не принимая во внимание, не считая, опричь, сверх